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Nigerian Americana.


Mary J. Blige - I’m Goin’ Down

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black men ARE beautiful.


and don’t you MOTHERFUCKING forget it.

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Boy: so you’re one of those coconut oil loving, pick in my hair, twists at night, natural hair girls?
Me: yeah. when i don’t have anything in my hair, i love letting my fro free
Boy: oh, I don’t like that don’t do your hair like that anymore.
Me: *laughs* I don’t care what you like. *laughs harder* you’re not even my boyfriend & now you can never be *laughs some more* I could care less if you like my hair. I didn’t ask for your approval. I love my hair in it’s natural state and that’s all that matters.
Boy: oh okay I didn’t mean to offend you, just I prefer your hair straight.
Me: this friendship can’t work *hangs up phone*
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